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Author: María Eloisa Damele

Maria Eloisa Damele (Marisa) was born in Montevideo, Uruguay on February 2, 1945. Mauricio was her first child, followed by Catalina, and the twins Macarena and Eloisa. Marisa worked as an English teacher until she moved to the USA to live with Mauricio. Both her and Mauricio together, encountered extraordinary experiences of wonder and also overcame all kinds of adversity. Marisa felt compelled to share Mauricio's story and hopes that the reader can look beyond her non-native English writing and discover the magical message of Mauricio's journey. Since Mauricio's passing, Marisa has been living in Cumbaya, Ecuador dedicating her life to Mauricio's legacy. In addition to writing this memoir, Marisa has worked for several years in managing the official website of Mauricio Saravia which includes a detailed compilation of his life and his art media.

The Magical Life of Mauricio Saravia
A unique life story.
Montevideo, Uruguay 1970 - Los Angeles, USA 2008.

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Mauricio Saravia emigrated to the United States of America to share his art and his life story, with the desire of encouraging others with similar medical conditions to follow their dreams as well as awakening a deeper understanding and empathy within a healthy community. The book tells his adventures in the United States and also takes you to his early years, describing the discovery of his cruel medical syndrome at 5 years old and his 8 major surgeries. Mau, as they called him in the States managed to overcome all the difficulties: physical pain and limitations, emotional trauma, and poverty, working as a graphic designer to earn his living until he finally could fulfill his dream and find recognition as an artist. However, the book is not a drama, because Mau, was gifted with a vivid personality, a contagious love for life, and a great sense of humor and interesting and funny things were always happening to him. "The Magical Life of Mauricio Saravia" will amaze and entertain you with hundreds of moving and dramatic anecdotes while maintaining a sense of humor and sharing Mauricio's unique humanitarian message for society. The story is rated for years 12 to 110 and it is recommended for McCune-Albright patients or patients of any rare syndrome, their families, doctors, nurses, teachers or caretakers, and immigrants as well.

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