1998 to 2008

The Well of Souls

Passion and compassion
had become arcane words,
Understanding and empathy
had long ago disappeared,
Awareness and sympathy
had paled into memory.
Existence is encrypted
with alphanumeric passwords,
Spirituality is broadcast
with corporate sponsors,
Mercy is marketed
with commercial angles.
For the well of souls had fallen asleep,
dreaming of brighter stars and burning days,
when they used to be themselves.
And in this twilight hours,
where do you stand?
In this global village of nonchalance,
does your heart still beat?
In this millennium of alpha sleep,
Does your heart still glow?

Hearts on Sale

What have we to fear but lethargy itself?
From a world that embraces
Apathy and nonchalance,
What have I witnessed but indifference itself?
From the land of empty hearts,
Where emotions are barely felt,
What have I understood but broadcasts of regrets?
From a dominion of the hibernation of awareness,
Where the self rules above all else,
What have I observed but vanity itself?
Strangers are not strangers,
For territorial boundaries
Are merely man made,
Governments are not democracies,
For hunger and poverty
Are the strongest creatures,
That could have been long ago tamed,
If we had only embraced empathy itself.