1992 to 1997


Bathing on the midnight heat
Swimming through warmer waves
Drifting inside soft music's beats,
Shedding personality aside
Like the skin on a snake,
Entering the emotional picture.
Shedding lives aside
Turning one with the past
Accessing the future.
Bathing on the midnight light
Swimming through illuminated waves
Singing the song of life and being.

The Sensual Hour

It's all about going beyond the max
and then realizing
We never got very far
(the sky fused in indigo.)
It's about spending days to get there
and then realizing
We had never arrived
(clouds melted in magenta sky.)
It's about waiting thousands of hours before
and then waiting
thousands of days afterwards.
(Moonlight shattered the clouds.)
It's about holding on to every emotion
and then finding out
that they all slipped out
(yellow light dyed the fragments.)
It's about seeing as it was all made
and then watching
as it came undone.
(Pale moonlight burst through soft clouds.)
It's about reading thousands of books
and then knowing
You are still on the first page.
(blue wind soothed the prairie.)
And the heatwave,
shattered the quiet landscape
and then stopped.