The Odd Lot

The Worst Thing Of All

Everything is a contradiction:
maybe you know what you want
but you are not really sure that you want it.
Maybe you are looking for something
that you don't really want to find.
And maybe you want the things
that you're not looking for.
So, you probably desire what you deny.v Just picture a room full of people,
all of them talking,
all of them drinking.
As you stand there,
you want to leave,
you want to be alone;
you don't want to hear anyone talk.
As you stand there,
talking to your friends;
wanting to get out,
feeling the need to go out,
As you hear the soft music
pouring through the speakers,
you realize that you need to be alone.
And when you leave the party,
you realize that you need some companionship
and some warmth.
Now, as you stand here
at the edge of this lake,
bathed in moonlight
thinking about yourself,
needing love and warmth,
and knowing
that the worst thing of all
is making your desires come true.


Sometimes I feel incomplete.
It's as if I were a puzzle
with a missing piece.
A puzzle that will never be built.
Sometimes I realize
that there are
a Thousand different beings,
each of them striving,
trying to reach completeness.
There's the joker in me
who plays silly games
to hide his pain.
There is another being
which seeks expression
through different ways,
trying to accomplish perfection.
And there's also the student
who wants to learn
everything about anything,
who wishes to have
an instant input of everything.
What about the sad romantic being?
Who feels lost
and out of place
anywhere and everywhere.
Even if they do sound different
and are a contradiction
they are looking for the same thing;
they all need one thing.
One thing to fulfill them,
one thing to bind them
and light their dark world: