Date: April 2007
Sub Title: Mauricio Saravia: painter, poet, and electronic composer.

Saravia's passion for art led him to immerse himself in the world of creation at an early age. At 19 he started painting with acrylics and writing poetry. And at 20 he had his first art show in Uruguay, where he was born. At the age of 21, he published his first book of poetry, The Odd Lot and at 28 his second book titled Esencia. This is all remarkable in itself but it is even more so, when we find out that Saravia has a rare and terminal syndrome that causes pain and physical limitations. Since he was 5 years old until he reached the age of 21, he went through eight major surgeries, losing his left sight during the first one. Mauricio was always curious and eager to read and learn about everything. He was fascinated with sociology, philosophy, literature, science and metaphysics.

These themes can be found in his poetry which render reality in a futuristic and unusual way. He has recently completed a new book of poetry, The Book of Whispers, which will be out soon. Saravia has traveled across the U.S. and lived in many cities in North and South America. He was a Shriners Hospital patient in Boston, Springfield and also in San Francisco where his mother worked as a diplomat for the Consulate of Uruguay in the early eighties.

After that, Saravia had a burning desire to experience and see the world on his own. His condition did not stop him from traveling across different cities collecting educational experiences and interesting anecdotes. A documentary film is currently being made about the life of this amazing artist called Saravia which will have inspirational messages about the right of every human being to be treated with respect and equality, raising awareness, tolerance for diversity, breaking stereotypes and encouraging people with medical conditions. \ Dennis Haysbert, Christopher Coppola, Joseph Cortese and Thomas A. Mesereau Jr., as well as other important people in the entertainment industry have participated in this film to give their opinions about these subjects. Saravia's electronica and ambient music was used for the soundtrack of the film.
Mauricio, now 37 years old, resides in Los Angeles where he paints, writes poetry and composes music.

Questions & Answers

Q.:You create different kinds of art; which one do you enjoy the most?

A.: I enjoy all of them, because they are expressions of my heart and soul. I divide the time that I have between each art form. I have always been mesmerized by the aspect of creation itself, the drive and pleasure of creating art from a blank canvas, paper, or composition.

Q.: What ís the message in your painting and poetry?

A.: It deals with the apathy that is currently happening in the world and asks the audience to think about how and if, we can influence the world around us by finding compassion and kindness towards all living beings in our own heart. The message is there, painted and written in allegories. I started The Book of Whispers riding in the subways of NYC, continued it in Denver and completed it in Los Angeles.

Q.: When did you move to LA?

A.: In January 2005. I have been in love with LA since then. It ís a fascinating city with a lot of creative and positive energy.

Q.: Having lived in so many cities,

how has that impacted your work?

A.: Every city is like a living creature, which I have learned so much from. I experienced the speed of New York, the diversity and changes of New Jersey, the cold, yet comforting Boston, the solitude of Monterrey, the sociableness of San Francisco, the striking architecture of Denver downtown, amidst the mountains, and the cosmopolitan and fascinating culture of LA. Each city has impacted me in many ways and the experiences are engraved in each and every painting and poem.

Q: How has living in each of these cities influenced the new book of poetry in particular?

A: Several poems name the cities. They have all made an impression in my writing. By living in many cosmopolitan cities, it changed the way that I perceived reality and life around me. This is reflected in my writing .

Q.: You have a medical condition that causes limitations and pain, yet you continue to do amazing works where some other person would have given up. What is your secret?

A: I am rather persistent and I never dwell on the past, for what ís gone is gone. I am constantly focused on the here and now, visualizing tomorrow. Also, my passion for art is stronger than anything.

Q: What do you visualize for tomorrow?

A: To continue learning as much as I can about life, share and hopefully, to make a difference in any humble way that I can.

Q.: What can you tell me about the documentary Saravia?

A.: The documentary is not only about me per se. I told the Producer that I wanted to give a positive message about life, empathy and human rights. We have evolved so much in so many ways, that this should not be an issue anymore, but unfortunately, it still is.

Q: When is it scheduled to be out?

A.: We expect it to be completed by September.

Q.: Tell us about Artist Interviews. Why did you start that?

A: I started Artist in 2001. I was interviewed many times in Uruguay and a journalist friend of mine, Ignacio Suárez inspired me. It was a way for me to help the artists to connect and share their life experiences. I also learned a lot from each interview. We are working on a book of interviews, which will be out this year.