I humbly want to share some messages that I have received with opinions about my book. They have moved me and made me feel that my efforts have been worthy. I did my best writing it, with the intention that Mauricio's life story and his impressive personality would go on touching hearts and souls through my words.
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Review by The Online BookClub

This is the professional review by The Online Bookclub. I am moved by receiving 4 stars out of 4.

Review of The Magical Life of Mauricio Saravia

Despite the life-threatening illness, Mauricio possessed a high IQ. He was a polite child who was in tune with nature. The author narrated many instances in which Mauricio acted unusually for his age. I relished these moments since they provided an insight into Mauricio’s magical mind. He had a natural talent for art and his mother encouraged him to excel. He also learned graphic design and used those skills...

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Here is another opinion about the book, this time by Dr. Henry Levenson, who is a retired medical doctor, specialized in Neurology, Biomedical Engineering, Nuclear Medicine, and Pain management. But Dr. Levenson is also a talented artist who creates beautiful small sculptures, nature paintings, and artistic photography. I feel honored by what he said:

"After reading The Magical Life of Mauricio Saravia I was overwhelmed by the detail in the chapters of the book. The book is biographical and autobiographical in nature. I marveled at Mauricio's personal strength, which was faced with personal stressors such as living in New York by himself. I am awed at your personal strength to see the complexity of his life written with such love and faith. I don't know how you managed to get all the information about Mau's day-to-day timeline including the cities, places, people in one place. As an author, you should try to write another book. I enjoyed reading the text and I look at it periodically. Indeed, Mau's life was magical and miraculous. Reading about Mauricio is encyclopedic and would be enjoyed by professional people, artists, and also anyone interested in McCune-Albright disease and personal faith."

This is Uruguayan Marcos Keldjián's opinion, who personally knew Mauricio. Marcos Keldjián is a well-known creative publicity expert, graphic designer senior, and art director in major publicity agencies since 2008, actually at PIMOD. Marcos is also a bass player in Latino bands. He is also who designed the book covers.
"Mauricio Saravia's story represents the intrinsic value beyond the image. In a shallow world, it is important to leave prejudices behind and to take the path that leads us to see that it is not necessary a face.... but only the spirit, light, and love.
What is essential is invisible to the eyes.That was Mauricio's best legacy."

Comment by Tom Mustin, an actor, known for Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986), Death Dreams (1991) and Somebody Is Waiting (1996), a former anchor at DenverChannel 7 and currently anchoring the morning and noon news broadcasts at KCNC CBS Channel 4 in Denver, Colorado.
These are his words:
"I´m reading The Magical Life of Mauricio Saravia now. An incredible story about an amazing young man, and his equally amazing mother! I'm sending you a big hug, Marisa. I know the book will be a huge success!

This time is Jorrit Van Der Kooi, an independent film producer from Holland who now lives in Santa Barbara and is getting success with his film production company. Jorrit produced the beautiful short film with Mau acting, titled Frames. Thank you, Jorrit.
Here are his words about the book:
"Very interesting biography about the artist Mauricio Saravia. Well written and very detailed. The book takes the reader to the first years of Mauricio's life in Uruguay and the diagnosis of his illness, up to his last years in Hollywood. It's a story of a talented, but struggling artist. Struggling even more because of his rare condition. Despite all the difficulties, it's a very inspiring story as well, as Mauricio learns how to live with his illness and even uses it as a strength. When you read his life story you will realize why the author chose this title as a lot of "magic" happened in his short life. I recommend this biography for anyone who knew Mauricio personally, anyone who was affected even indirectly by McCune-Albright and anyone who wants to feel inspired by Mauricio's unique personality. Maria Eloisa Damele (Marisa) did a great job writing down his life's story and 440 pages is a lot, but it feels short. After the last chapter, you wish it would continue and you want to know what happened to the author. Hopefully, another chapter will be added in the future."

These are the words of Hans Hinnen, former Evangelist of my beloved New Apostolic Church from Denver, Colorado:
"Your book was much more interesting than I expected. It certainly teaches a number of things, actually more than I can elaborate:

  • The importance to never give up
  • A mothers love is marvelous and unbelievably powerful
  • Trust in the Lord, even when everything appears to be lost
  • Pray without ceasing and follow your intuition
  • Doctors are fallible and don't know everything
  • We are all human and have our shortcomings
  • If you must you can survive on almost nothing
  • There are still a lot of good people on this earth
  • Disabilities must not disable us
  • There is always a way out, no matter how bleak it seems
  • When a door closes, the Lord will open a window
  • etc, etc, etc.

Your conversion to Christianity was indeed unusual and harbored many detours. It proves that the Lord's ways will eventually succeed if we let it. This book can and should encourage many a soul to pursue this way relentlessly. I believe that reading this book, should be a strong inspiration to disabled persons to never give up as well as to many others. The question is how can they become interested to read it? How should it be marketed? On the other hand, no matter how few read it, you are leaving a legacy. Anyway, I am very thankful to have read it."

This is Kimary Marchese's comment, a Denver artist and the creator of Prospect Valley Hospitality-Home, in Wheat Ridge, Colorado:
"In some regards Mauricio's life was short, but for the predictions spoken over him, it was longer than expected and he did more living in his short life than many people do with 80 years on Earth. I'm so glad that he eventually accepted love from Jesus! As an artist, I could never imagine a life where creating ceased. Because God's nature is so creative and from seeing all the beauty of this world that God created, I believe that He would never stop creating. So I can picture Mau and God still creating together."

The Book
The Magical Life Of Mauricio Saravia
About the author
Author: María Eloisa Damele

Maria Eloisa Damele (Marisa) was born in Montevideo, Uruguay on February 2, 1945. Mauricio was her first child, followed by Catalina, and the twins Macarena and Eloisa. Marisa worked as an English teacher until she moved to the USA to live with Mauricio. Both her and Mauricio together, encountered extraordinary experiences of wonder and also overcame all kinds of adversity. Marisa felt compelled to share Mauricio's story and hopes that the reader can look beyond her non-native English writing and discover the magical message of Mauricio's journey. Since Mauricio's passing, Marisa has been living in Cumbaya, Ecuador dedicating her life to Mauricio's legacy. In addition to writing this memoir, Marisa has worked for several years in managing the official website of Mauricio Saravia which includes a detailed compilation of his life and his art media.

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The Magical Life of Mauricio Saravia
A unique life story.
Montevideo, Uruguay 1970 - Los Angeles, USA 2008.

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Mauricio Saravia emigrated to the United States of America to share his art and his life story, with the desire of encouraging others with similar medical conditions to follow their dreams as well as awakening a deeper understanding and empathy within a healthy community. The book tells his adventures in the United States and also takes you to his early years, describing the discovery of his cruel medical syndrome at 5 years old and his 8 major surgeries. Mau, as they called him in the States managed to overcome all the difficulties: physical pain and limitations, emotional trauma, and poverty, working as a graphic designer to earn his living until he finally could fulfill his dream and find recognition as an artist. However, the book is not a drama, because Mau, was gifted with a vivid personality, a contagious love for life, and a great sense of humor and interesting and funny things were always happening to him. "The Magical Life of Mauricio Saravia" will amaze and entertain you with hundreds of moving and dramatic anecdotes while maintaining a sense of humor and sharing Mauricio's unique humanitarian message for society. The story is rated for years 12 to 110 and it is recommended for McCune-Albright patients or patients of any rare syndrome, their families, doctors, nurses, teachers or caretakers, and immigrants as well.