About Mauricio - His Quotes
Mauricio studied ancient and contemporary philosophers as well as meditated deeply in an effort to find an explanation to issues such as life, death, feelings, emotions and destiny. He was an avid reader from an early age and had a rich imagination, therefore a lot of ideas and thoughts filled his mind. He liked to write them down as they developed from the analysis of his own experiences as well as of those of the people around him. Mauricio's personality was multi faceted: He had a witty sense of humor, was a fiercely loyal friend and deeply romantic - in love with women and with love itself. He found acceptance and compassion for the tough hand life had dealt him and therefore also wanted others to accept their own lives' predicaments, good and bad. A profoundly sensitive man, he would become angry at injustice and be driven to melancholy when he felt someone misunderstood him. But he always found a way to overcome both physical and emotional adversity, pain and discrimination. Below are Mauricio's thoughts, both spoken and written. They are excerpts from his poems, documentaries or interviews, publications, or simply thoughts he shared with his friends and I. With this, I wish to share the most intimate aspect of my beloved son: Please welcome Mauricio.... in his own words.
“To start painting abstract was one of the most difficult things I've done. I stayed in front of the blank canvas, staring into my inside images, until I found the right one to paint.”
(When he talked about his transition from Surrealism to Abstract.)
“To overcome all..... my mind is the master of my body and I am the master of my mind.”
“I live for today, not for yesterday. The theology of time has long ago disappeared.”
“For every hand of indifference that separates you from your heart, another one holds you mercifully.”
“There will come a time of awakening when we'll center on others not only on ourselves.”
“Spirituality is broadcast with corporate sponsors and mercy is marketed with commercial angles.”
“Sometimes I find myself lost in canvas.”
“I am forever lost in highways of reflection like a timid child, wandering....”
“I don't know who I am anymore or who I ever really was but my soul essence remains although concepts are fading away.”
“Be gentle with your life, treat it not with illusions of materialism because it never lasts.”
“Feelings never disappear because they are absorbed and emotions never really go because they are transformed.”
“The search for affection had always been my affliction, driving me to the multitude.”
"Love is like an infection. It spreads in all of my directions. It takes hold of my DNA, goes through my dendrites and contaminates my neurons."
“Maybe you know what you want but you are not really sure that you want it. Maybe you are looking for something that you don't really want to find. Maybe you want the things that you are not looking for. So, you probably desire what you deny.”
“Try to think free. Follow your heart. That is the only way in which you will reach happiness in a fair way.”
“To live in fear is the worst thing ever. People fear disease, death, poverty, hell. Film producers know this and those are topics for their movies. If people could understand they can't be in control of anything, they would just relax and enjoy life as it is.”
“I combine metaphysical with abstract and create a doorway to spiritual worlds. I moved away from the concepts that I had assimilated in art and began to paint, inspired by emotions that I had in my mind. The paintings became visions of inner worlds and I found that I could now focus much more on the act and the energy of creation itself."
“My poetry deals with the apathy that is currently happening in the world and asks the audience to think about how and if, we can influence the world around us by finding compassion and kindness towards all living beings in our own heart. The message is there, painted and written in allegories. I wrote riding in the subways of NYC, continued in Denver and then in Los Angeles.”

"The poems are tinted by soft shadows of spiritual realms.

The book is about passion and bringing the light of kindness into the world and in doing so, we could find the real us, that was waiting to be awakened."
“Several poems name or describe the cities I have lived in. They have all made an impression in my writing. By living in many cosmopolitan cities, it changed the way that I perceived reality and life around me. This is reflected in my writing.”
“Every city is like a living creature, which I have learned so much from. I experienced the speed of New York, the diversity and changes of New Jersey, the cold, yet comforting Boston, the solitude of Monterrey, the sociableness of San Francisco, the striking architecture of Denver downtown, amidst the mountains, and the cosmopolitan and fascinating culture of LA. Each city has impacted me in many ways and the experiences are engraved in each and every painting and poem.”
“Life is out there, waiting for you to live it, mold it and design it.”
“I don't feel tied to concepts that have been taught to us by society since we were born.”
“I read since an early age. There are many writers and poets who impressed me, such as Pedro Picatto, Almafuerte, Walt Whitman, Ray Bradbury, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Rumi and Leonard Cohen.”
“It could be worse.”
(Every time somebody complained about something.)
“Depression is a luxury I can't afford.”
(In the photo-book Faces of Sunset Boulevard. A Portrait of Los Angeles.)
“Since I was little, I never took any time for granted. That's why I'm always in a rush trying to do things, because I don't know if I'm going to be here in a couple of weeks.”
(In the photo-book Faces of Sunset Boulevard. A Portrait of Los Angeles.)
“I think there is beauty in everybody. If a person has a kind heart and they are sweet and they are gentle, that's the people that I choose to surround myself with.”
(In the photo-book Faces of Sunset Boulevard. A Portrait of Los Angeles.)
“I remember seeing me like if I was on the outside and when I woke up I was a different person.”
(Talking about when he was dead during a surgery.)
“If you have too many problems, open a drawer, put them all inside, close the drawer and go on with your life.”
“When I'm painting I experience one of the most intensive feelings of what is the act of creating itself, which is so powerful.”
“Life is meant to be enjoyed, even with all the obstacles you may have.”
“My quest has been to find out my real feelings and to unlearn and become what I was before.”
“Freedom starts when you don't have anything else to prove.”
“I am never concerned about what people think when they look at me. Should I be?”
“The dead-line that doctors put on my life, made me appreciate life more and rush to do more things.”
“I think it is all about now and the moment we are here, we shouldn't take it for granted.”