About Mauricio - Comments
"After meeting him, in a short time, the physical gave way to the spiritual - and there he was - in all his beauty!"
Sean Hepburn Ferrer
"To my brother Mauricio:
God made you for a purpose. He wrote eternity into your head.
Discover your purpose, then live out your mission to glorify God in all you do.
Lead others to the light of the world: Jesus Christ.!
Your brother in Jesus,
Scott Carranza
"Thank you Mauricio for your gifts and your example."
Mabel KatzThe Mabel Katz ShowTelemundo KWHY-TV, Channel 22
"A man who conquered my heart."
Lianna GrethelKRCA Channel 62
"The polifacetic artist has achieved the impossible."
Magdalena Herrera - El Pais Newspaper
"An amazing and talented person!"
Dilva J. Henry - KCAL9, Los Angeles News and CBS-2 Denver News
"An artist, a celebrity and an angel."
Eric Olvera - Rocky Mountain News
"Keep shining your beautiful light!"
Shirley MacLaine
"His art is impossible to limit or to name."
Elisa Roubaud, Art critic - El Pais Newspaper
"Releases inner visions from his life and his struggles with an expert technical resolution."
Nelson Di Maggio, Art critic - La Republica Newspaper
"Saravia's art has left a mark on Denver. He is a creative powerhouse,well received both here and in his homeland."
Susan Froyd - Westword Newspaper
"An incredible artist!"
Norm Clarke - Author of Las Vegas Confidential
"An incredibly talented artist and good soul."
Greg Bloom, Publisher - Image Magazine

To Mauricio saravia

Like that blue being, Pedro Picatto,
Mauricio travels through the world,
with deep, profound wings.

Sweetest demon, poet and painter,
And also, bittersweet angel.

He walks through art like a lost Adam,
Towards the intimate Eden of all our brothers,
Riding lightning storms of dreams,
I am speaking about long nights
And about tall dreams,
Of days with a dark light,
Like the glint of an axe against sandal wood.

Because the voice of an archangel or a magician,
Taught him to convert pain into aromatic colors,
In wines that flow like rivers,
In suns that explode, overwhelming him.

He looks with mercy at our mundane grays,
Through the skies that he holds in his hands
And through the constellation of his kindness,
He makes us commune with our roots,
With the earth, the music and celestial bodies.

He was born a being of mirrors, to see ourselves,
Something about us beats in those paintings.
You have to look deep into the colors,
The glowing shades that perhaps waits,
Behind the horizon.
Mauricio Saravia, friend,
Nothing less than a man.

Written on a blue gray day in Montevideo
Copyright © by Ignacio Suárez Television and radio host Ignacio Suárez

Not one to let negatives rule his life, Saravia has become an inspiration for artists and art lovers alike.
Joe Venegas, CTR-PR
Mauricio Saravia's art is the closest you will get to a moving, true life story that can be found within each and every painting. Very few painters have ever lived such an intense life and achieved such greatness within to tell their story. His art makes a powerful investment for collectors and art lovers alike.
Dawid Szmyd, Circle of Ideas PR
"Fiercely emotional! Insightful poetry that hits humanity's emotive chords. Saravia's words touch the ego, his phrases penetrate the soul."
Summer Rayne Oakes, Model and Social Entrepreneur
"I close my eyes and I can still listen to the melody of your words bringing me to fly to an undiscovered world of passion and love, real and unreal, dark and bright, soul is dancing through the ages looking for the knowledge and reaching the peace."
Marco Tenaglia, Fine Art Photographer, Rome, Italy
"A colorful journey through poignant tangibles and lucid intangibles, with words probing not for what is, but for what is real. Thought provoking. From the faceless corporate machine to the magic of a woman's eyes, Saravia dissects life and paints the pieces in poetry."
Christine Anderson, Award-winning singer and songwriter
"Mauricio's art, exemplifies the transformative process through the beauty in the dark, the dark in the light. Rhythm in the poetry, notes and melody in the painting. His words are brushstrokes - are music."
Free Dominguez, Singer and songwriter, vocalist of Kidney Thieves
"Mauricio Saravia has combined simple, natural existence with a surreal backdrop. He questions our grey area of life and turns it into treasure."
Eve Rice, Singer and songwriter of VAV Jungle, Canada
"Your painting: is it super-sexy or is it just me? I love it!"
Anastasia Dorohova,Actress and Fashion Model, New York City