Mauricio Saravia's Memorial by Aaron Christopher, April 2014
A Power Point Presentation by Aaron Christopher, about Mauricio Saravia, at Boulder CO University on April 2014. Aaron Christopher received an Award at the University for this. He starts reciting a poem from The Book of Whispers.
The Thousands Sides Of The Moon
Produced by Varda Hardy. Background music by Mauricio Saravia. He walks along Venice Beach reciting his poem. This video won the First Price at Filmaka contest.
Produced by Jorrit Van del Kooi. Background music by Mauricio Saravia. He recites his poem walking along different areas in Los Angeles.
HAIKU, Someone Said
Produced by Robert Mack. Performed by Radha Mitchell and Mauricio Saravia. This Haiku film got an Award at Berlinale in 2009.
The North Wind, prduction part I
Video presentation of The North Wind, a film produced, written and directed by Richard Marcello.
The North Wind, prduction part II
Richard Marcello Founder of Imagitorium Studios and Director of "The North Wind" Behind The Scenes Clips
TRAILER of the film The North Wind
Produced by Richard Marcello. This is a scene performed by actress Nadia Rowinski and Mauricio Saravia.
Mauricio Saravia - INTERVIEW
Produced by Sean Hepburn Ferrer. Mauricio talks about his life story and artwork.This video was nominated for the participation in the contest "Pangea Day" in 2008.
Produced by Steve Ver Duft. Actress Narmar Hanna talks with Mauricio Saravia about his art work..
Actress Radha Mitchell, Visual Artist Robert Mack and Mauricio Saravia answering questions about the Haiku video in an improvised interview, at the Art Walk in L.A. Downtown..
Saravia answering questions at the "No Bad Days" Movie Premier. This is a Ricomix Productions interview.
Video explaining about the charity organization in Denver, on Saravia´s name. This organization provides education and meals to low income families' children.
Spanish song composed and sang by Uruguayan musician Walter C. Lopez, dedicated to Saravia. “A Saravia” Video produced by Walter C. Del Río.