Artwork - Graphic Design

Mauricio was a self made man in computers and graphic designs as well as in every artistic work he did. He learned from books and manuals, how every computer and program works.

He was a pioneer of that in Uruguay at the age of 18, in 1988. He kept on learning on his own and he used his artistic gifts in every design. Although the programs were primitive at that time, he created some very impressive posters.

After some frustrating intents to get a job, he knew no company would hire him to work in computers in Uruguay. There, almost all ads, posted for companies that are looking for employees, say: "necessary to be good-looking person." He always worked on his own and he had many clients.

Although Mauricio used to do graphic designs as a mean of earning his living, he did the designs with the same love and passion he painted, using his art working experience in all of them.

He did the designs of the covers of his first two books of poetry: Esencia and The Odd Lot. He designed not only the covers of the book Esencia, but he also made other special designs for the inside pages. He also designed a cover for his novel Memories of Reality, in 1993, which he could never publish. I will do that some day, to fulfill my promise to him of keeping on his legacy.

I want to share with you some of his designs, made from year 1991 to 2004, because I consider them another expression of his artistic spirit.

When looking at these images, please, take in consideration that they were made with the early programs.

Marisa Damele