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Art cover by Martin Vazquez.
The Book of Whispers

The Book Of Whispers is a selection of 68 of Mauricio Saravia's last poems, written during his travels to New York, Denver, and Los Angeles.

You can buy this book printed here or an electronic version here.

Front and back covers (Photo by Todd Pierson).
Poetry Book Esencia

This is an opportunity for book collectors who like to obtain special issues. Esencia, a poetry book by Mauricio Saravia, published in Uruguay, in 1998, with his poems in English and in Spanish can be purchased now.

Saravia himself designed the covers and pages which are all in soft colors and with artistic graphic designs created by him as well as photos of some of his paintings. It is a little jewel that cannot be bought in the market. Let us know if you would like to have one of these unique books. There are only few copies left.

The Odd Lot

Saravia published two books of poetry: �The Odd Lot� in 1991 and �Esencia� in 1998. �The Odd Lot� received a warm welcome from the press and it was introduced by the U.S. Embassy in the International Book Fair in 1991.
The book was also presented by the Anglo-Cultural Institute the following year. The poems were taught to the Anglo's College students in English and in poetry appreciation classes.

Saravia was one of the first poetry writers to embrace e-books and digital technology in South America: �The Odd Lot� was also made into a visual computer program in 1991 and was sold in important bookstores in the country, as well as in computer software stores.